Coco and little Rockie

Type: Rottweiler mix
Interests: Protect the house from passers-by
Turn-Ons: Passers-by
Turn-Offs: No passers-by


Appearance: Cute
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Hair Color: Mostly black
Eye Color: Black
Smoking: No
Drinking: Water

Rockie and Cookie

Type: Booney sisters
Star Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Education: None


Type: Stray
Likes: Night time
Dislikes: Day time


Type: Unknown
Gender: Male
Interests: Females
Age: 15 (in dog years)


Type: Maltese
Interests: Dancing, watching movies
Favorite Dance: Back foot hop
Favorite Movie: White Dogs Can't Dance
The Grinch.

Her pink outfit.

Going somewhere?

Don't forget me.


Type: Booney dog
Interests: Playing, eating, sleeping and biting people's toes
Favorite color: Unknown...I'm colorblind
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